Patricia's Roots and Branches


My tree on Ancestry is privatized because there are many errors in it that I am in the process of correcting.

When I started my quest in 1999 to learn more about my family, I made the fatal mistake of taking what I found on the internet to be accurate.

As time went on, and I conducted my own research, I found out that wasn't the case. I don't want to contribute to more misinformation being taken as truth.

I am happy to share information, and welcome the chance to find and connect with new cousins.

The main surnames in my family are:


Paternal Side

My paternal ancestors have mainly been found in North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, and Texas when first arriving in the United States

Allen Campbell Cannon Harris Hearn Hipsley Lampp Lawrence - Layton

McCoy Ox Page Parker Pendry Powell Read/Reed Sumner Thomas - Underwood


Maternal Side

As is pretty evident by the names, my maternal ancestors immigrated from Italy, arriving in Massachusettes, Connecticut, and New York in the early 1900's

Abbate Blasio Buonpane Daloia DiCaprio Dilorio Dorso - Festa

Galluccio Garofalo Moronese Pasquariello Ricco/Ricca Sbordone - Vozza